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Smart Phone Mobile Ordering System for Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

Get Order 2 Table for your Pub, Bar, Cafe or Restaurant and allow your customers to order food & drink from their smartphones. 

Order by Phone

Customer Orders via or smart phone app. Customer will select food & drink to order.


Customer pays via credit or debit card and types in table number. Your tablet shows the recent order showing everything they have ordered including table number and name.

Table Service

Process the order and bring take over the food and drink to the customer

How much does it cost?

Order 2 Table only has one package and has no monthly costs! Instead we charge as small fee of 2.5% plus 20p per order and this even includes the card transaction fee too! We believe this is the cheapest way to offer it to your business. The card transaction fees run through Stripe. You will need a Stripe account to receive payments. If customers are not making orders through the app then no need to pay anything. 

Smart Phone Mobile Ordering System


Ordering System for Pubs, Bars & Restaurant

Need to print an order to take to the Kitchen. No problem. Order 2 Table offers printing solutions. Simple press of a button and you can print the order or a receipt.  

What Printer can I use?
To print with Order 2 Table you will need to buy one of the following printers below:
TSP143IIILAN | Ethernet Receipt Printer
TSP143IIIBI | Bluetooth Receipt Printer
TSP143IIIW | Wireless WiFi LAN Receipt Printer
You will also need to download the PassPrint App, Available for Android & iOS

Why is Order2Table Unique

waiter bringing over smartphone order

Order2Table can be used by any pub, bar, restaurant or cafe and does not require a huge setup cost. 

Customers don’t have to download an app if they don’t want to, simply scan QR code on the table to view menu and order. If they want to install the app they can do so when viewing the menu.

Customer do not have to keep downloading different apps for each venue they visit. Its similar to “Just-Eat” but for table service instead of delivery to your home. 

You menu will show your logo and a banner of your choice. This gives the customer that great feel when viewing the menu.

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